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Spring 2012 Schedule

Posted: March 3, 2012 by rachelvincent7 in Housekeeping

Here is the schedule for the rest of the semester. If we miss a week for any reason, we’ll just move on with whatever the next date shows. Erin, we didn’t want to strap you down to a snack since you’re usually coming straight from a meeting on Sunday evenings, but feel free to bring something anytime you like. See you guys Sunday!


Spring 2012
Date Host Sweet Salty Off
3/4/2012 Looper Vincent Loudamy Quick
3/11/2012 Quick Looper Vincent Loudamy
3/18/2012 Loudamy Quick Looper Vincent
3/25/2012 Vincent Loudamy Quick Looper
4/1/2012 Looper Vincent Loudamy Quick
4/8/2012 Quick Looper Vincent Loudamy
4/15/2012 Loudamy Quick Looper Vincent
4/22/2012 Vincent Loudamy Quick Looper
4/29/2012 Looper Vincent Loudamy Quick
5/6/2012 Quick Looper Vincent Loudamy
5/13/2012 Loudamy Quick Looper Vincent

Topics for the Spring LG Series

Posted: February 26, 2012 by Ryan Vincent in Housekeeping

Our list of topics:

  • Angels/Demons
  • The Canon: How is it inspired, and do we have the right books?
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Apparent Discrepancies in the Gospels
  • Hell: What is it, is it eternal, is there any chance of getting out?
  • What happens to those who never had a chance to hear the Gospel?
  • Different Views of the End Times
  • The Creation Account: Young Earth, Old Earth, God-Ordained Evolutionism?
  • Pre-Flood Life Spans vs. Post-Flood
  • The Trinity
  • Homosexuality and the Bible
  • Spiritual Warfare

Feel free to post a comment if you want to add any others!

Beautiful People!

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Ryan Vincent in Housekeeping

Rather than barraging you with email after email, I’ll post any resources, ideas, or video I come across to this site. I also think it will help us(me) recall things down the road and have a single place to reference.

Love you guys,